Study with Inselspital Bern started

Infectious endocarditis (IE) and other severe infections are well-known to induce significant changes in the immune response including immune functionality in a considerable number of affected patients. In fact, numerous patients with IE develop a persistent functional immunological phenotype that can best be characterized by a profound anti-inflammation and/or functional anergy. This was previously referred to as "injury-associated immunosuppression (IAI)".

IAI can be assessed by measurement of cellular (functional) markers. Persistence of IAI is associated with prolonged ICU length of stay, increased secondary infection rates, and death. Immunomodulation to reverse IAI was shown beneficial in immunostimulatory (randomized controlled) clinical trials. CytoSorb® treatment is currently used as standard of care in some institutions in surgically treated IE patients.

During the study two accepted treatment protocols are examined to explore whether adsorption with a cytokine adsorption filter can increase immune competence in treated individuals.

Celeras Dx patient monitoring test is part of the assessment of immune competence before and after treatment. The instrument was therefore installed at the laboratory of one of Europe's largest ICUs at Inselspital Bern (Switzerland). 

Dr. Schefold and his team plan to include 54 patients. The results will be published at the end of 2020.