hybcell technology + compact profiling

Celeras Dx has developed an entirely new multiplex technology based upon the principle of microarrays. The hybcell – the only cylindrical microarray available throughout the world – delivers speedy and reliable results with minimal hands-on.

On the hybcell's  surface antibodies are immobilised on a cylindrical coated surface. The sample is pipetted into the hybcell. The device - the hyborg - processes the tests completely autonomous. Matching antigens in the sample bind to these probes on the surface. A fluorescence readout shows these interactions.

Multiplexed hybcell immuno-tests provide quantitative evidence of up to 200 parameters - which might all be relevant for the same clinical diagnose - from a minimal amount of sample. Therefore these tests are well suited for monitoring over a longer period of time or broad screenings of different samples (blood, urine, serum, saliva).

 The tests are based upon the principle of competitive immunoassays. Drug molecules in the sample compete with fluorescence-labelled competitor antigens (a drug-conjugate compound of the reaction mix) to bind to immobilised antibodies on the hybcell's surface. The higher the concentration of drug in the sample, the fewer competitor-antigens bind to these antibodies on the surface. Non-binding competitor-antigens are removed during a washing step. Since the competitor-antigens are labelled with fluorescent dyes, the signal is reduced if the parameter (e.g. an inflammation status or a drug) is present in the sample. The hyborg software calculates the quantities of present drugs and compiles a report.