Quantitative testing a set of biomarkers: in only 12 minutes

Celeras Dx’ patient monitoring delivers speedy status reports on biomarkers which are associated with clinical decisions to be made during treatment of serious infection - especially sepsis. The tests have been conceived for the periodic testing of patients in such a manner that the minimum use of samples is involved and a simple and rapid analysis is available. The aim is to deliver a “picture” of the inflammation and organ status which is as complete as possible and which quickly indicates any deterioration in the condition of the patient.


Both the sample and a reaction mixture are fed into the hybcell with a pipette. The prepared hybcells are transferred to the hyborg – the fully automatic device. The measured values are interpreted by the software and presented within the measurement range as quantitative results in a tabulated report.


xA panel (Research Use Only):

  • CRP - is an acute-phase protein-marker in cases of inflammation.
  • Cystatin C – a protease inhibitor which indicates kidney failure.
  • Myoglobin - an elevated level indicates damages of the heart muscle.
  • NGAL - plays a role during primary infection defence concerning the kidneys. Elevated values can be measured during early stages of kidney damage.
  • PCT - is elevated during bacterial infections.
  • Plasminogen and D-Dimer are biomarkers for the status of coagulation.
  • Serumamyloid A (SAA) – is an acute-phase protein-marker in cases of bacterial- and viral infections, it is as well increased in case of transplant rejection.
  • Tachykinin (Substance P) – is a neurotransmitter and a marker for a late stage of sepsis.
  • Neuro-specific Enolase (NSE) - indicates an adverse effect on the nervous system.

hybcell PM Blood xA

100 µL plasma, 12 min.

Multiplexed Immuno-test of 9 markers

Available Liturature

Value of single and combined inflammatory and kidney-dependent parameters for prediction of prognosis in septic shock
2015_10_25 LMUMUNICH MultiplexBiomarkers
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